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Brook Rodriguez

Director of Insurance and Client Solutions 

Brooke is a lifelong Texan, growing up in Katy. She graduated from Baylor University and began her career in Long-term care as a social worker, and transitioned into Administration as an Administrator and later Region Administrator.  Her desire has always been to help people have the best quality of life possible no matter what stage of life they currently reside. Through her experience in healthcare Brooke brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to help clients navigate long-term care, Medicare, and Supplement insurance.  Receiving her Leadership MBA from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, she loves learning how to better help people and make a difference in their lives.

Brooke joined CORE Integrated Wealth in 2018.  She currently holds her Life, Health, and Disability insurance license for the state of Texas and enjoys helping clients as they reach retirement age navigate the world of long-term care, Medicare, Supplement insurance, and What does retirement even look like!  Creating an individual solution for each client with the CORE team is her favorite part of her job.

When she isn’t working, Brooke enjoys spending time with her husband Beau, and their two children Marcus and Kynzie.  She is always down for a game night with friends, a good book, Bible Study, or a night out on the town with friends and family.  Her goal is to not just live but truly experience the life God has given her.