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Ron  Hoyle

Ron Hoyle

Owner, President

Ron is the president and owner of CORE Integrated Wealth. His passion in life has always been to be significant in the lives of others. After he began his career in the financial industry, Ron realized that his clients’ common concerns were not understanding what they had and not feeling heard. Therefore, Ron developed and copyrighted CORE, a unique system to engage, educate, and empower his clients, while addressing their financial needs and concerns.

Building and maintaining relationships is the heart of CORE Integrated Wealth and is what Ron enjoys most about his life’s work. He believes a collaborative approach between the client and the CORE team is a vital element to your retirement planning. Winning the “JW Cole 2021 Team of the Year” award is a testament to the success of the CORE team’s commitment to each and every client.

Ron is a proud United States Navy veteran, serving in Operation Desert Storm. He and his wife, Kristi, enjoy working together at the office and being involved in the local community. Ron also enjoys spending time with his two sons, Gabe and Jackson, who are currently in college and preparing to join the CORE Integrated Wealth team in the near future.

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